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Silva Wolf

Silva Wolf is a YouTuber with a great knowledge of the outdoors and many helpfull Videos.

Silva Wolf's Facebook Page
Silva Wolf's YouTube Channel

Date Added: 05.09.14 Visits: 679
The Sgt Fruitcake

Sgt Fruitcake is a YouTuber that has many great kit reviews and more besides.

The Sgt Fruitcake Facebook Page
The Sgt Fruitcake YouTube Channel

Date Added: 05.09.14 Visits: 710
MCQ Bushcraft

A knowledgable individual with a website & YouTube channel with a huge knowledge of forest fieldcraft, really helpful and useful videos.

MCQ Bushcraft Website
MCQ Bushcraft YouTube Channel

Date Added: 05.09.14 Visits: 789

WildSoul62 is an outdoors woman with a good knowledge of outdoors survival and is skilled in wild game and preparation, very interesting YouTuber.

WildSoul62 YouTube Channel

Date Added: 05.09.14 Visits: 828
South Wales Wildcamping
South Wales Wildcamping Facebook group.

A group for people in South Wales who are looking to share their wildcamping experiences.

Remember to say you came from here.
Date Added: 15.10.16 Visits: 387
Free Wallpapers

Check out the most popular free desktop wallpapers, there are some great nature shots of Animals ˇ Wild Outdoors and Flowers

There is also a selection of others too, the most popular Night Time ˇ Urban and Kit

All wallpapers are super high quality at 1920x1080 and in jpg format, they are lightly compressed and can be from 1mb up to 2mb per image

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