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Hawthorn Berries And LeavesHawthorn Berries And Leaves (Album: Nature (Trees))

Natures bounty.

Edible :

Leaves - Yes

Addition date: 16.09.17 | Views: 556

Chestnuts in woodlandChestnuts in woodland (Album: Nature (Flowers))

My Chestnut bounty whilst out foraging.

Edible ...

Addition date: 14.10.16 | Views: 724

Cream And Yellow WaterlillyCream And Yellow Waterlilly (Album: Nature (Flowers))

Cream and yellow waterlilly.

Edible : Yes - You...

Addition date: 31.10.15 | Views: 685

Blackberries / BramblesBlackberries / Brambles (Album: Nature (Flowers))

Blackberries / Brambles

Edible : Yes...

Addition date: 16.10.15 | Views: 710

Open Top Thistle FlowerOpen Top Thistle Flower (Album: Nature (Flowers))

Open thistle flower from the top.

Edible : Yes ...

Addition date: 16.10.15 | Views: 875

A Pink Thistle FlowerA Pink Thistle Flower (Album: Nature (Flowers))

A pink thistle flower.

Edible : Yes - Lower sta...

Addition date: 16.10.15 | Views: 733

A Few Thistle Heads On A TrackA Few Thistle Heads On A Track (Album: Nature (Flowers))

A few thistle heads on the track.

Edible : Yes ...

Addition date: 16.10.15 | Views: 852

Thistle HeadsThistle Heads (Album: Nature (Flowers))

Thistle Heads

Edible : Yes - Lower stalk.

Addition date: 16.10.15 | Views: 584

Rosehip BerriesRosehip Berries (Album: Nature (Flowers))

Some Rosehip berries.

Edible : Yes - Carefully ...

Addition date: 16.10.15 | Views: 774

Bullrushes / Cattails (Close)Bullrushes / Cattails (Close) (Album: Nature (Flowers))

Bullrushes / Cattails reeds.

Edible : Yes, Root...

Addition date: 16.10.15 | Views: 685

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