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This website is about my backpacking and hiking experiences whilst positively promoting Wales, the Welsh countryside and it's responsible recreational use. I use photography to show it's natural beauty using photos I have taken whilst on walking trips around Wales.

Nearly every area visited in the galleries here are all close to local bus routes which also access local railway stations. If you want to take it easy go from the railway station and catch a bus to the next start point, the more adventurous may want to do a hike from the local railway station itself.

The Welsh countryside is one of our greatest and most valuable natural renewable resources and it should be admired, promoted, improved with more visitors but above all respected, including care and promotion of tourism. Our woodland, forests and wild recreational areas are slowly being shut down to us, diseased, being developed upon or abused by some bad landowners. We need to enhance what we have not diminish it and then open it up to the World.

I love spending time in the tranquil woodlands of Wales, so I spend as much time as I can walking around the scenic south Wales countryside, in the Forester Photos section you will find catagories for images I have taken along the way and they are intended to show the breathtaking views of Wales and our glorious countryside and promote the recreational use of it. There are also photos of the kit I use when I go and cheap home made kit or projects that I've made.

You can find some great Foresters Links for links to other outdoors people who have some amazing videos that are real helpful, links to rights of way laws and mapping using up-to-date OS Maps, both online and paper options.

There is also a small selection of links to stores that stock some great gear, I have ordered from them all, I am happy with their service and also find them reliable.

Free Wallpapers

Check out the most popular free desktop wallpapers, there are some great nature shots of Animals ˇ Wild Outdoors and Flowers

There is also a selection of others too, the most popular Night Time ˇ Urban and Kit

All wallpapers are super high quality at 1920x1080 and in jpg format, they are lightly compressed and can be from 1mb up to 2mb per image

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