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Respectful & Responsible Backpacking

NOTE - This is not law it is common sense, responsible and minimises impact on the environment & should be practised by everyone using the outdoors responsibly.

  • Always leave no trace (Leave the countryside as you found it and carry out everything you carried in)
  • Anything living that was there when you arrived should be alive when you leave
  • Arrive late and leave early (After sunset and Before sunrise)
  • Keep your group small, no more than 2 tents
  • Use unobtrusive tents, blend in and be inconspicuous
  • Stay away from public footpaths
  • Toilet duties should be performed 30m (100ft) from water and the results buried using a trowel
  • Always make a reasonable effort to seek the landowners permission to camp on their land
  • Never camp more than 2 days in the same spot to minimise damage to the ground
  • Unless you have permission to do so do not light an uncontained fire on the ground
  • If confronted by the landowner or police, remain polite, calm and move on if requested to do so

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