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What food should I take hiking and backpacking?
Question: What food should I take when I go hiking & backpacking?

As a backpacker, hiking long distances over a long period of time, weight is an issue also cost and availability of products, I want to be able to get my supplies off the shelf anywhere, so this article includes items you will be able to find at your local supermarket and that are lightweight.

It's important to know that when we are backpacking firstly we have a weight on our backs making us heavier, this also extends to clothing, as we usually wear heavier clothing and footwear when backpacking, secondly we are walking with this heavy weight on our back over unpaved terrain, walking on grass is more difficult than walking on concrete, especially if the grass is long, also walking uphill on uneven terrain is more difficult again, all this expends energy and must be replaced.

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