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Making a wood whittling knife from a chisel
Making a wood whittling knife

Whenever I'm in the woods cooking or relaxing, I find it nice to create something from whatever is around me, the first time I made a wooden spoon and a metal spork from deadwood and a kitchen spoon.

I liked the spoon, though I carved it with my Condor bushlore and it made a good job, but was awkward because of it's size, so I decided I needed a small decent wood carving knife for finer work.

I searched google for a few top quality ones and was a bit taken back by some of the prices, so I proceeded to look in my tool cupboard, I opened my toolbox and seen my chisels, one of which was covered in paint and starting to rust, then it dawned on me..

I'll make one, now.. I don't have any 'proper' knife making equipment, here's what I used to make it..


  • 1 Disk angle grinder.
  • 3 metal files.. Flat, Semi round and a small square.
  • 3 wood rasps.. Flat, Semi round and a small round.
  • 1 Oilstone
  • 1 Fallkniven DC4 Combination Sharpening Stone
  • Epoxy glue.
  • Lots of glasspaper

Stage One :

This is my raw material, after measuring the chisel and marking out a rough outline, I simply cut what I needed away from the handle and following the outline I put a curve where I want the tip of the blade. A hacksaw could have done the same job as the angle grinder I used.
Stage Two :

I finished the basic shape to test it's carving abilities I gave it a primative edge using files and the oulstone, I used an old and hard stick I use for testing carving things.

After carving a little I find the blade is too thick. Approximately 4mm at this stage, ohh well back to a little more grinding. 1mm each side.

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